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Meaning of Consecrated Copper Snake Ring

Consecrated Copper Snake Ring


In this world, everyone seeks for mental peace and everlasting joy comes from inside us. The path of spirituality leads us in that direction. Usually, the term “consecration” points to the action of committing oneself to a main motive or intention. To “consecrate” yourself essentially means to wholly dedicate yourself to something of greatest value.


When spoken plainly, however, "consecration" cities to the action of placing yourself aside and devoting yourself to divine power, and that divine power almost always refers to God.

The word “Consecrated” can also be used to refer to a site into a sacred office.

To “consecrate” something, one makes that thing holy or pure in terms of religious and spiritual purpose. In that sense, the act of consecration can also be defined as the act of being made sacred.

Wearing consecrated material always helps in identifying & achieving our ultimate life Goals while doing sadhana and meditation. When it comes to wearing material, the best thing is to wear this as ring ornament. The consecrated Copper snake ring is the snake-shaped adjustable ring made with solid copper material and after the manufacturing process gets done, The ring goes under the consecration process under proper rituals and procedure.

Once the consecration process gets completed, the copper serpent snake ring is available for seekers.

It's available in different appearance:-

Although it is referred to religious purpose because of the looks and design, it suits best for an occasion or party gathering to become the center of attraction.

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