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Show your love with Eternity Diamond Band---Story lies behind Eternity Band

The theory of the diamond or gemstone eternity ring was invented in the 1960s by diamond trader and businessman DE Beers. American brilliant fact-finding reporter Edward Jay Epstein concluded that at the time the company had a hidden contact with the Soviet Union USSR which, in return for the formation of a "single channel" managing the world's supply of diamonds, 'required' the acquisition of 90-95% of the rough gem diamonds build by Russia.

The triumph fashion at the time, specially for wedding and engagement rings, was for them to be set with a single piece of large diamond. The Soviet diamonds, however, were tiny, often less than 0.27 carats. To avoid accumulation of large stock, DE Beers enter on a campaign of marketing and promotion of jewelry consisting a number of small diamonds culminating uniformly in a a row in the eternity ring, which was targeted at older, married women.


With no origination and no ending, rings have been illustrative of eternal love for a long period of time. Rings gifted as love sign were worn on the ring finger of the left hand, a custom believed to have originated from the Romans who had belief that this finger consist the love’s vein, said to be directly reached to the heart. Even though this is just a romantic myth, the historical convention of wearing an eternity band on this finger is still followed in today’s most modern cultures.

In another story The Egyptians didn’t inevitably use the ring to memorize a specific occasion; instead they used to give a ring as a emblem of never-ending love in the life. These early examples of eternity bands were generally simple metal bands attached with a stone. Others pictures a snake eat its own tail – a very popular symbol used to indicate eternity.

Modern eternity rings

Luckily for the beneficiary, eternity rings or bands now don’t indicate snakes swallowing their own tail; however, the indication of a ever-lasting circle very much remains. In the 18th century, eternity rings promote any expensive luxury gemstones that were easily available at the time. Later in the 19th century, diamond eternity rings became style icon in world of fashion and today are considered the vintage eternity ring. However, birthstone eternity rings set with a combination of natural precious stones and diamonds can be equally as meaningful and symbolic of true love.

Half-Full-Eternity-Diamond-Band-Ring-Gemstone-Anniversary-Wedding-Engagement-Birthday-Gift-Her-Him-HKJ-HKJWeddingRing                    Half-Full-Eternity-Diamond-Band-Ring-Gemstone-Anniversary-Wedding-Engagement-Birthday-Gift-Her-Him-HKJ-HKJWeddingRing                     Half-Full-Eternity-Diamond-Band-Ring-Gemstone-Anniversary-Wedding-Engagement-Birthday-Gift-Her-Him-HKJ-HKJWeddingRing

Eternity rings are generally worn between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. However there aren’t any pre-defined rules though, and many women love to prefer to showcase the beauty and design of their eternity ring by wearing it on its own on the right or left hand. 


Going back to ancient Egypt era, eternity rings — Even though not always in the diamond and precious metal like Platinum, Gold, Silver form we’re friendly with today — have been worn for approx 4200 years.

Remarkable eternity rings have cracked up countless times throughout human history and have been worn by many prominence and royal personalities:


Joe DiMaggio gave gift to his future wife Marilyn Monroe a eternity band made up of platinum with 35 Baguette diamonds as wedding ring for her in 1954.

Elizabeth Taylor got 2 Emerald Cut eternity rings from his fiance Mr. Richard Burton: one for their 1st wedding and secong for their 2nd marriage in 1975.
Prince Felipe of Spain gave a gift of white gold eternity band with 16 diamonds to his fiance Princess Letizia in 2004.

>>Many Other VIP personalities are known to wear eternity rings : Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner.


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