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What is Eternity Diamond Band?

An Eternity Ring or Band, also known as an Eternal Infinite ring, is a ring for women consisting a band made up of valuable and precious metal like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver or platinum set with a constant line of uniformly cut birthstones ( usually diamonds ) to represents eternal infinite love, usually given by a spouse to their partner on the special occasion of a significant anniversary, or on wedding engagement.


As the presence of stones all the way round the eternal ring can make it unmanageable to wear, the alternative is to have the stones across the face of the ring only. This is sometimes referred to as a "half-eternity" ring rather than a "full" eternity ring.

As the diamonds of an eternity ring circle the entire or upper half finger (depends on full or half eternity band), this type of ring offers an extra glint.

Nonetheless of which style you choose, it’s traditional to wear an eternity ring on the left hand ring finger. If the ring is given to you as a milepost anniversary wedding or engagement gift, you can wear it between your wedding ring and engagement ring, or in any other arrangement that looks superb to you.

Eternity rings have a prominent aspect of paste gems, white clear cut topaz or a mix of stones came in light in the 18th century. Eternity rings are a Representation of forever never-ending love, a powefrul expression of the faithfulness between two people. Historically given to mark a significant milepost in a connection of two people fall in love with each other, on special moment such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a first child, an half or full diamond or gemstone eternity ring is a gift that will be feel great affection for years to come – for an eternity – so it’s become necessary that you choose it very wisely.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage touched diamond eternity ring or a colourful gemstone eternity ring, we give you all the required assistance and advice you need to ensure that you buy the ring that’s just very absolutely correct for your loved one.

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