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When Who How to wear a copper snake ring

How to wear a copper snake ring


Wearing a metal ring, particularly made of copper By a spiritual seeker on the ring finger stabilizes the body and provides Basic support for sadhana or other spiritual practices. With the right method of sadhana wearing the snake, the ring can become the main key to the mystical dimension of life.

There are mainly two things that one should take care while wearing snake ring: -

It should always be worn on the left hand’s ring finger.

One should never wear someone else's ring not even for fun.

Why can I not wear a copper snake ring on my right-hand ring finger?

As per astrological and religious believes wearing a Copper Snake Ring on character rendering right-hand ring finger might attract bad effects into your life cycle with potentially hazardous and horrible consequences.

Who can wear a copper snake ring?

As Copper snake ring is useful for the human body in various aspect and it keeps the body fit and healthy and stresses free. So anybody whether male or female, anyone can wear this. The astrologer also suggests that to gain maximum benefits, one should wear a pure copper ring on the ring finger.

When to wear a copper snake ring?

One can start using it or wear it any day on desired time but if you want to take maximum benefits astrologically, it would be better if you consult with your trustworthy astrologer to know about the most suitable time to wear depends on your zodiac. In general copper snake ring should be wear with the procedure of wash it with clean water and wear it before 12 pm on a Sunday.

Cleaning instructions -

Don't use soap or any kind of chemical. Vinegar and Salt method is the best cleaning process.


The Process is:-

1. Pour some vinegar or lemon and a little salt over the copper.

2. Keep rubbing it with hand or well-cleaned cloth to remove any tarnishing and grime.

3. Rinse off.

4. Polish up with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

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  • People with kaal sharp dosh can wear snake ring? If yes then which will more beneficial copper or silver?

    Shivani Yadav
  • Hi,

    could you please advise if kids above 10 years can wear the copper snake ring

  • What mantra to chat while wearing copper snake ring

  • Hello Kritika, You can wear this copper snake ring while doing meditation kriya

    Roda Jayant
  • Hi there,

    I really like Copper snake ring but, some believe that I shouldn’t be wearing it because it has something to do with an astrology.. I just want to know is there any sense in this kinda perception?


    Kritika Sehgal

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