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Why wear a copper snake ring

Why wear a copper snake ring

Since the beginning of human civilization, the human being has a special interest in wearing ornaments made up of different material like copper, silver, gold, platinum, etc. As ornament plays important role in any social gathering to look gorgeous and besides that its also related to other factors of life like astrology, lucky charm, etc.

Every base material like copper, silver, gold has its own importance for the human body. For example, the role of copper is as specified in much scientific research:-

Copper is a crucial primary mineral required for survival. It is found in all body tissues and plays a character in making RBC ( Red Blood Cells ) and balancing nerve cells and the immune structure. It also gives assistance to the body form collagen and absorb iron, and plays a duty in energy production. It also defends the body from the ill-effects of other highly toxic metals that come in contact with the body.

So scientifically wearing this material ring or other jewelry also helps in maintaining the energy level of the body. As there is various type of copper jewelry can be made but the ring is one of the most popular among them all because of its comfort and look.

The snake or serpent ring is best given as a symbolic gesture and indication of good fortune, good health, and as an affectionate gift to the loved ones where the ring is a defensive charm and express the union of the love birds and their eternal and everlasting love for one another. So in Hindu mythology, snake considered as very sacred and holy and treated as eternal part of divine power.

So in order to combine the benefits of the copper ring and snake ring, we manufactured copper snake ring with solid copper in adjustable ring size so anyone can wear this and stay fit and healthy and bring good fortune in one’s life.

We provide copper snake ring in different appearance:-

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